Three Monkeys Brewing Co. – Our Brewery Is Built For the People By The People!

Three Monkeys Brewing was established in October, 2013, by a dedicated group of individuals. 

We began our journey with a vision to produce Superior Quality Brews for the Sierra Nevada and Central Valley regions of California. We chose to incorporate the proverbial Three Monkeys into our brewery logo as a representation of everything that is good about our life and business. We initially began by brewing our flagship ale, Gold Monkey IPA. We then set out to develop and distribute our Five Classic Ales. Our Brew Crew has truly brewed a world class taste in every beer.  At Three Monkeys Brewing, we work hard to provide the craft beer community with world-class gold medal recipes to refresh their palates. Finally, our supreme success is to share our motto, “Hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil”, Just damn good beer! While you responsibly drink our beer.


Brew Kettles
We are in the process of installing a 30 Barrel (BBL) Brew House with 12,000 + barrel (bbl) brewing capacity. Like great locomotives, they brew the wort and lead the way to our fermentation tanks. We used only the finest Premiere Stainless steel for our custom built kettles and brite tanks. 
Brewing the Malted Barley
Grains soak in hot water to germinate during the malting process. Following this procedure the malted grains are roasted to develop their unique and distinctive character which gives our beer its rich flavor, body and color. Finally, we brew the wort and spice it with organic hops and other deliciously fresh organic ingredients.

Living yeasts convert the malt sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide in our fermentation tanks. When the wort cools, we add yeast, and fermentation begins. It takes a while for the yeast to multiply, but once there’s enough, they consume the sugars and produce alcohol. During the aging process, the beer matures, develops its natural carbonation and its unique flavor. This is where the brew comes alive and becomes beer ….most excellent! This conditioning method is holistic in its approach. Ale yeast likes warmer temperatures than Lager yeast. It’s what gives Ales their superior quality taste. When aging is complete and the flavors found in our beers are in perfect harmony, it’s time for their ultimate destination.

Packaging Our Beer
The effort expended in choosing the most efficient machine for bottling and handling our beer was, in fact, monumental. Follow the bottling process from rinsing, priming to capping and you will come to understand that this is highly important to the shelf life and quality of the bottled beer. 
Sustainable Growth
Worldwide we now face the ethical issues of sustainable business growth. We have implemented a development plan that will recover CO2 from the natural fermentation process. We will be able to recycle most of this gas for use around the brewery during packaging and bottling.  All used ingredients are recycled wherever possible. Three Monkeys Brewing is continuously looking for ways to improve sustainable practices. This is our commitment to the planet we all share.

“Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil…Just Damn Good Beer!